Event theming

We prepare the theme of your party, organizing both the decoration and all the elements


One of the most popular and fun theme parties, our 80s Party. All a display of special details and characters defined as: Tina Turner, Cyndi Lauper and many more. A large and colourful led dance floor with retro aesthetics and decorative elements of the eighties so you can remember your craziest years or experience for the first time one of the best music stages in … history.


“The Great Circus” is a perfect theme toorganize children’s birthday parties or parties for children. We decorate your event with a large tent where you will enjoy clowns´ performance, juggling and acrobatics in a colorful and fun fantasy world.


Imagine feeling the splendor and luxury of the Moroccan decor in a theme party in the style of “The Arabian Nights”, an exciting journey through time, now at your fingertips. Turn your living event into an Arab palace or a busy Souk (Arab market) or oriental Medina.


Relaxation, the beach and the sound of waves, the Ibizan aesthetics of large chill-out parties. Imagine being able to have all those ingredients in your own event, organized with photocall, artists´ live performances and an assortment of cocktails. Get dressed in white and enjoy a special and unforgettable night.


The essence of the most typical Sevillian culture festival, the April Fair, is quite unmistakable: Andalusian decor with booths and traditional furniture Fair, lanterns, flamenco dresses and lots of fun. The best of this sensational holiday is at your fingertips at any time of the year with this thematic offer.


We love the Rockabilly and Pin-up world and Grease musical aesthetics. That´s why we want to bring this theme to make you feel like Sandy Olsson and Danny Zuko in your own theme party. We will arrange for you a large dance floor decorated with vinyl, juke box, balloons, and countless decorative elements identical to the film´s. What are you waiting to organize your party with “Grease” fantastic aesthetic of the 70s?


In the 20s, the Great Gatsby was known by his pompous and lavish cabaret and Charleston parties. Extravagance and good taste were melted in events that were the delight of the assistants until late in the night. We can recreate the theme of this curious character and organize your 20s´ party with the highest level of detail. Don´t miss out!

What our clients say about us

We wanted to give a big party to celebrate a farewell´s friend. As a big movie fan and as she loves Grease, we seeked a similar theme and hit the nail on the head. Being able to gather all her friends in a big dance floor and dance away the choreography was priceless!

Maite, Seville She requested us a Grease theme party.

We wanted to organize my son’s birthday with something special but we were worried about having to be aware of all the details. They took care of everything, the party was perfect and we had a great time. ¡It was wonderful!

Guadalupe, Seville She requested us a great circus theme party.

Our parents met on a trip to Morocco and after 40 years of marriage, we came up with a party in an Arab or Oriental decored venue to remind them those sweet moments. It was amazing, we felt like in an Arab palace and did not have to worry about anything.

Héctor, Seville He requested us to decorate a venue with The Arabian Nights theme.

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Theme Party “Arabian nights”
Opera, zarzuela and choir